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Snoozepossum Hamilton was found under a large rock back in the late 60’s and no one ever bothered to put her back. She’s an annoyingly eclectic OBOD landscaper, hiker, and animal care volunteer who makes odd OOAK things into odder OOAK things, sometimes without having the foggiest clue what said things are till she gets them done. General forecast is for scattered afternoon rocks and fossils, frequent gusts of bone and wood working and fiber art, and a 98% chance of critters.

Where Things Come From

A large percentage of the material I work with is recycled salvage and cast offs. I get wood from tree trimming/repair jobs, deadfall, and storm debris cleanup. Bone comes from friends that hunt for food in a manner I respect, roadkills, and trail finds. I will also sometimes make up something for someone out of bone they already have, but we’ll have to talk about where it came from.

Looking Out For All Concerned Disclaimer:

Some of the animal remains (The Dead Guys) may be serving in a totemic or shamanic type of capacity, and once in a while I make a tool that is “looking” for a specific person or has a specific “programming” to it. The House Gourdians can fall into both categories. In those cases I reserve the right to refuse their passage to someone. If you’re familiar with how that sort of thing can work, you’ll be cool with that. If you’re not, ask me and I’ll give you more background on why this is a good idea for everybody involved.

Custom/Bespoke Work

If you have an object you want worked up, talk to me about it. As long as it’s ethical, within my resources, and not likely to involve a trip to the ER or in a squad car, I’m probably good to go ;0)

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